ISGIDAR 2021 Virtual

Many of you likely saw the recent announcement that CPDD will be held virtually again this year. The ISGIDAR Executive Committee has unanimously agreed that we should also hold a virtual ISGIDAR meeting in conjunction with CPDD. Our initial plan is to have 4-5 hours’ worth of content, with the program beginning late morning EST to accommodate participants across time zones. We are in the process of figuring out the best platform for delivering the content, potential, costs, and the format changes that might be needed (e.g., shorter and/or fewer presentations) to fit within this compressed time frame.

We are striving to make the meeting as accessible as possible. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. Be on the lookout for the annual ISGIDAR newsletter early next year, which will include additional meeting details and a call for presentations. 


REMINDER: If you have updated contact information or know of colleagues who have recently moved, please assist us in forwarding this information on and encouraging them to reach out to us with their new contact information!

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ISGIDAR CPDD Meeting 2021!

June 18, 2021
3 months to go.


The mission of ISGIDAR is to promote interest in, and to facilitate the dissemination of, new information related to drugs as reinforcers, especially as it may relate to human drug abuse.