ISGIDAR Presidents

Bob Schuster

Roland Griffiths

Bob Balster

Chris-Ellyn Johanson

Marilyn Carroll

Bill Woolverton

Nancy Ator

Harriet de Wit

Dick Meisch

John Hughes

R.J. Lamb

Patrick M. Beardsley

James P. Zacny

John R. Glowa

Michael A. Nader

Richard W. Foltin

Elise Weerts

Barak Caine

Bill Fantegrossi

Drake Morgan

Mark Smith

Ziva Cooper

Joshua Lile

Matthew Banks

ISGIDAR CPDD Meeting 2023!

June 17, 2023
15 days to go.


The mission of ISGIDAR is to promote interest in, and to facilitate the dissemination of, new information related to drugs as reinforcers, especially as it may relate to human drug abuse.
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